Hong Kong Island GMB Route No. 8
Baguio Villas (Lower) > Central (Exchange Square)
Main roads en route

From Baguio Villas (Lower)

via Baguio Villas (lower) access road, Victoria Road, Sassoon Road, Pok Fu Lam Road, flyover, Bonham Road, Caine Road, Old Bailey Street, Hollywood Road, Wyndham Street, Lower Albert Road, Ice House Street, Queen's Road Central, Pedder Street, Connaught Place and Harbour View Street.

Baguio Villas (Lower) > Central (Exchange Square)

From Baguio Villas (Lower)
Mondays to Fridays (Public Holidays Excepted)
07:40 am
08:20 am
08:40 am


SectionBaguio Villas (lower)
18.5Sassoon Road
28.56.2Pok Fu Lam Road near Exit C1 of HKU Station Street (Exchange Square)

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